Tabaah – Music Review

Though the hip hop opening track Apple Bottomsvideo of which has been released already — has a very dancy groove to it, the song will grab more attention for its super bold video. There is also a Tamil version of the song, quite obviously to leverage the popularity she enjoys down South, and sounds as good as the original, being no different arrangement-wise. Zhenya Rizhov’s remix doesn’t make much of a good song but may make good inroads as a DJ playlist material. The racy rock-based title song is a wonderful listen, primarily for the exuberant singing by Neha! The rock flavor continues, albeit in a mellowed down form, with Neela Aasma, a very feel good track once again splendidly sung by Neha, complimenting Gaurav Dayal’s fabulous arrangement to a tee.

Be it is my aversion towards overly techno music or the relativity element lent by Neela Aasma, I didn’t find Beep Beep very appealing. This is another track more danced to in a club than listened to at home. The pop-rock Khwahish however works quite well, once again featuring an alluring combo of Gaurav’s engaging arrangement and Neha’s expressive rendition. The Punjabi house track Haaniya has a catchy arrangement, the composer cleverly employing instruments like the sarangi in the right places. But Neha’s voice doesn’t quite suit the genre, and hence the song doesn’t sound as good as it could have. But where her singing sounds perfectly in place is in the last track, a trash-metal song with a tinge of rap composed by Saibal Basu, called Trash. The energy-packed song provides a wonderful closure to the soundtrack.

Barring a couple of foibles a total entertainer from Neha Bhasin and Gaurav Dayal. A commendable solo debut for the singer.