Ilaignan – Music Review


You can listen to the soundtrack here.

Mazhaiyil Kulitha Malarvanam: Karthik, Anwesha

A grand start reminiscent of the kind played at award ceremonies! But suddenly, two sweet voices emerge and they take over the song completely. Only if you keenly hear can you make out that its Anwesha who is singing and not Shreya Ghoshal.

Imaithuthane: Chinmayi

A melancholic track. Chinmayi sounds different while searching for the spy with her song. The background music is sublime and her voice is lost.

Neeya Neeya: Tippu

Reminds me of the song Suttum Sudarvizhi from the movie Siraichalai. Tippu has tried to take on a serious tone in the song. Wonderful violins in the interludes.

Oru Nila Oru Kulam: Karthik, Shreya Ghoshal

Seems like Karthik has become the current favorite of Vidyasagar. A nice breezy romantic song. Less of orchestral effects in this song gives our ears some rest. Excellent usage of strings in between. The words and the tune blend very well.

Thozha Vaanam Dhooram Illai: Hariharan

You can almost imagine the hero riding on horseback as the visuals when you hear this song for the first time! An airy and brilliant message song. Wonderfully sung by Hariharan and the chorus.

Vidyasagar seems to be on a hit spree! This album has a grandeur associated to it.. Sounds more like a period film’s music, a genre not seen a lot in Tamil film music of the present times. Probably because the story writer is the CM of TN????

My favs: Thozha Vaanam Dhooram Illai, Mazhaiyil Kulitha Malarvanam, Oru Nila Oru Kulam

Rated 8/10