A R Rahman’s signature song for Toyota Etios available for free download

Toyota launched its new sedan Etios some time back in Bangalore. So why is this on musicaloud? Because the brand ambassador of Etios, A R Rahman has also released two signature tunes in association with the launch, both of which he has made available on his facebook page. While the first one is a short yet orchestral jingle, the second one is a complete song lasting over five minutes! Sung by Chinmayi, Javed Ali and Madhusree in that order, the track titled Pehli Baar is an absolute delight with its predominantly sedate orchestration. The short jingle is in fact just an abridged version of the interlude of the song. While I am only too happy to have got yet another song from the maestro, I wonder where Toyota intends to employ this song. The advertisement which they have released featuring ARR has only the former jingle in the background. Nevertheless, you can ignore all that and enjoy the song which can be downloaded for free here! 🙂

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