Turkish Pop Singer Sertab Erener uses A R Rahman’s Ringa Ringa in her latest album

A R Rahman‘s facebook page today had this update of a video of the Turkish pop diva Sertab Erener, who had used ARR’s score for Ringa Ringa from Slumdog Millionaire in a song of hers. The song is called Rengarenk, literally translating to “colorful”, and features in the latest album of the singer of the same title (Rengarenk). The album was released in July and has ARR credited for the music of this song. The song is a clever adaptation actually, using ARR’s original arrangement as a template for a more Arabic-sounding tune. Sertab has also complemented the song with a very colorful and entertaining video, true to its title. Apart from this song the album has 16 other tracks. You can find the complete tracklist here. Below is the video of the song.