Youtube Symphony Orchestra is back!!

After debuting in 2009 to a fantastic response, Youtube is back with the second edition of Youtube Symphony Orchestra. While the first one took place at Carnegie Hall New York, this time around its the Sydney Opera House that will play host to the mega event. The audition lines are open, and you can register for the audition by simply going to the Official Youtube Symphony Orchestra page and submitting your entry, either in the form of an orchestral audition in the musical instrument of your choice, or by presenting a solo improvisation of the piece that American composer Mason Bates specifically composed for this occasion, which he has named Mothership. So if you are a musician wanting to make yourself heard on a big platform, it surely can’t get bigger than this! The submissions are open till November 28, 2010 and the event shall happen on March 20, 2011. Below is a promo video of the event.