Bilal Khan’s “Bachana”

Bilal Khan is a former student of Lahore University of Management Studies more popularly known as LUMS. While at LUMS Bilal wrote a song , “Bachana”. It is a nice song on alienation in this mad rush called life. It’s about how dreams drift away and how death seems like the most sensible option available. Bilal had originally recorded the song and shot a video for this song, all by himself in true DIY spirit, and then released it one Youtube. The video has become a huge hit and have notched up 200 thousand hits till date.  Bilal has written a few more songs and all of them are available for free download at his website

Bilal used to publish a webcomic as well, while at LUMS.  This is definitely an artist to watch out for.

Here is Bachana for you……