Google Music India Launched Today

In a bid to combat digital piracy prevalent in the Indian music industry, Google has launched a music service in India to help users search for legal online streams and downloads. The service was launched earlier today. The initiative is a very useful one, allowing you to search for a song, album or artist, to which Google would suggest you legal content which you can listen to instantly via an online player, link to which is embedded along with the search result. Google has partnered with music label Saregama India Ltd, New York-based Saavn, and web portal for this deal. According to WSJ, the plan is to later integrate the music service into Google’s main search bar. As of now the page does have all the latest music, and what matters even later would be whether Google & co are able to provide the latest content before their pirate competitors do. Also hoping there is a plan to include non-Bollywood music too.