Miley Cyrus’ new video “Who Owns My Heart” lands in controversy

In her eagerness to get out of her teen idol image created over the last few years, Miley Cyrus is ending up raking up a controversy with every song she releases. The latest one surrounds the new music video called “Who Owns My Heart” which is being lambasted for its overtly sexualized content. The video has been directed by Robert Hales, the man who has directed such bands as Nine Inch Nails, Gnarls Barkley etc. and also did Miley’s Can’t Be Tamed. As a matter of fact the song is quite groovy, typical dance club material, rendered very well by Miley. The track has enough jazz in it to make it to the top of the charts in spite of the very heard-before feel about it and pointless sort of lyrics. Previously Miley’s Can’t Be Tamed had also drawn flak for similar reasons.

Criticism or no criticism, the image makeover is definitely happening for Miley, and all these controversies are only going to help her on her way. The only question is, how much longer to drugs and rehab. You can watch the video here.