Music Review – Coke Studio Season 3 Episode 4

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cokestudioNoori opened Episode 4 (Form) with a family affair, so to say. The song, Hor Vi Neevan Ho, featured the duo’s mother Noor Zehra playing the Sagar Veena, an instrument developed by her father. The instrument kind of reminded me of the Chitra Veena with its equal-sized gourds, the slider etc, except that Sagar Veena sounds lighter. Coming back to the song however, another gem from the band, a mellow semiclassical-folk song. Karavan followed next with Kaisay Mumkin Hai, a performance way better than their act in Episode 1. Of course, the melancholy was still there and so was the rock flavour, but the violin made all the difference! The tune was also more engaging this time.
Zeb and Haniya, quite unsurprisingly, entered with another entertaining tune. This time they chose a Turkish song, Nazaar Eyle, and the highlight of the song is its beat structure. And the vocals, both Zeb’s western tinge in rendition and the choral harmonies. AND the duel between the instrumentals and the vocals for the last 1.5 minutes! Two outstanding singers were up next, Amanat Ali and Sanam Marvi, with another sufi song called Haq Maujood. From the initial alaap the raag seemed to be Ahir Bhairav. And it is the singers’ brilliance that is the standout factor, the trance-like progression bound to get you hooked. The episode ended with Arif Lohar‘s rendition of Mirza Saahibaan. While Lohar’s delivery was energetic enough, in this composition he had the entire orchestra following in at a frenzied pace. But the song sort of went crazy towards the end, the electronic elements a bit of an overkill.
With four more super tracks from Episode 4 to its tally, Coke Studio’s fantastic run in Season 3 continues unabated. Noori and Zeb & Haniya..absolutely out of words!
Music Aloud Rating: 8.5/10
Recommended Tracks: Hor Vi Neevan Ho, Nazaar Eyle, Haq Maujood