Klassical Korner..

musicHere is announcing the launch of another segment, something we have wanted to start for a long long time, covering various aspects of Indian classical music. We were missing a person qualified enough to write for us. Now we have found him, and we shall let him do his and the section’s intro for you.

Hello world,

My name is Ajay Parasuraman and I’m the answer to this variegated site not having a segment on Indian Classical Music.

First things first, a bit about self : I’ve been learning Carnatic Music for about 15 years now, under the tutelage of several great names in the field — some of them are, Late Sri. Mavelikkara Prabhakara Varma and Sri. Kumara Kerala Varma (a student of Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer). Currently I learn under Padmabhushan P.S Narayanaswamy (student of Semmangudi, again). It has been my privilege to have been associated with such great names.

I started learning Hindustani Music from my mother about 3 years ago. My mother is a student of Sri. Ramesh Narayan (student of Pandit Jasraj)  and Sri. Mohan Kumar, who would surely feature among the Top 10 in the who’s who of Hindustani Music list.

This section of the site will, initially, explore Classical Music from a bird’s eye point of view before diving into it’s deepest depths — the Davy Jones’ Locker, so to say. 🙂 It will not be an overload of theory, as such — I hope to be reviewing here, some of the Concerts that I will be attending. Do voice your opinion as comments to the same!

I will try and be regular as much as possible with my posts. I hope this section of the site proves to be an informative and at the same time, entertaining read.

Thanks for your time!

Mikhail says:

I think i have attended one of your concerts in Chennai. Dont remember. Anyhow , good to have some expert on Carnatic.Looking forward to your posts. Enlighten us all

RaSh says:

Nice start! Hope to see some enlightening posts especially for beginners! 🙂
(After all this years of listening to you, it’s high time I understand a little about what you’re singing, right?)

Sonal says:

Very Nice. Looking forward to your posts. I just love to listen to classical music not really understanding it. I will use this opportunity to learn and appreciate it in a better way. Thanks in advance.

unni says:

This is great ! Thanks a bunch, and looking forward a lot to it. As someone who is a total newbie to Carnatic, was thinking along the same lines to self-teach myself whatever i can. All the Best !!