Aisha – Music Review

FlashIn its light-heartedness and youthfulness Suno Aisha falls right in the league of JTYJN, Dostana and the likes but it is in the orchestration that Amit Trivedi makes his individuality felt. Starting from the clockwork sort of background which opens the track, the various layers that then add on make the song ultra-addictive. Ash King sounds quite like Rashid Ali singing this, with a good backing from the composer and Nakash Aziz. Tochi Raina enters next with Gal Mitthi Mitthi, a Punjabi track which is interesting in parts thanks to Amit’s clever tweakings. Liked the classical bit inserted at the start (Bhimpalasi raag I believe) but the shehnai sound seemed synth-generated. Nevertheless this song wouldn’t rate as high as the Punjabi-styled tracks Amit has done for Dev D. The remix by DJ Lloyd and Discreet sounds almost as good as the original. The unplugged melody called Sham is evocative of such classics as Raindrops Keep Fallin’ in its sedate arrangement and has pretty much similar effects on you as you listen. The second interlude is a sort of surprise though! And the way Neuman Pinto and Amit Trivedi have delivered the song is simply brilliant, the harmonic choral elements being provided in the right areas.
Its catchy Spanish elements dominated by the guitar and the accordion make Behke Behke an instant winner. Being right down her lane, Anushka Manchanda does a fab job on the vocals, as do Raman Mahadevan and Samrat Kaushal on the chorus. Lehrein is all about the poignant violin and Anusha Mani‘s husky voice. Add to that a rock-based template from Amit Trivedi and the result is sheer brilliance! Anusha Mani is a singer who badly needed a big break in Bollywood, and I get a feeling this could be that song. DJ Lloyd and Discreet do a fair job on the remix as well, going for mellowed down version instead of an electronic overdose. The soundtrack ends the way it started, with another hep track. The similarity also extends to the pitch change towards the end. But unlike Suno Aisha, By The Way is a rock-based track, rendered to perfection by Anushka Manchanda and Neuman Pinto. The initial guitar riff reminded me of M.I.A‘s Paper Planes but the similarity ends in that short riff after which the track moves on to party mode.
Just a week since Udaan hit the shelves, Amit Trivedi continues to amaze with his consistency as he churns out another unputdownable (for the want of a better word! 🙂 ) soundtrack for Aisha. Respect. You can listen to the soundtrack here.

Music Aloud Rating: 8.75/10

Recommended Tracks: Suno Aisha, Lehrein, Sham

adriana says:

This soundtrack gets better and better every time I listen to it. This is my top pick for this year (so far) … let’s see what else comes out… 🙂

Aisha says:

Amazing Song

Amit Trivedi Sucess is touching Sky… Udaan and Aisha to big release…

Pankaj says:

Listening to AISHA songs, after a long stint there is Good bollywood music. Even AR rehman’s Raavan could not impress. Amit Trivedi is simply great.