Milenge Milenge – Music Review

Milenge MilengeKuch To Baaki Hai falls straight into Himesh‘s Aashiq Banaya Aapne league of songs, complete with his vocals. In spite of the engaging arrangement with its semiclassical flavour brought about by the usage of tabla, harmonium and the occasional sarangi, the tune gets tedious as the song progresses. The song however is sure to invoke nostalgic feelings among the fans. There are two remixes of the song. For a change the remixes are called “Bright” and “Darkmixes! The kind of names DJs invent to sell remixes! 🙂 Nevertheless, the mixes have been decently done, the trance elements melding quite well with the original. Part 1 of the title track sees Alka Yagnik and Himesh’s assistant Jayesh Gandhi make a return after a break but for a lost cause. The song is a middling affair with a banal arrangement. But it is in the Part 2 of the same song that Himesh pulls off a winner! With its haunting 90’s-ish arrangement with the occasional middle-eastern addition in between this song is undoubtedly the pick of the album. I couldn’t quite believe it was Himesh accompanying Shreya on the vocals. He sounds totally different in this one! The only grouse I have is regarding the corny English lyrics at the start which was not at all required.
Barring Suzanne D’Mello‘s English backing, Tum Chain Ho is again pretty 90s in its arrangement. And Alka Yagnik joining Sonu Nigam on the vocals adds to the yesteryear feel. Unlike Milenge Milenge though the tune isn’t as engaging. The composer makes amends in the soothing Unplugged version though, Sonu Himesh’s protege from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2005 Vineet Singh crooning to the backing of an acoustic guitar. In fact Sonu sounds different, slightly younger if you will, in this version! (Thanks a lot to Omran Nasir for pointing out the mistake. Most places have credited Sonu on this song) The 90s fixation continues, more strongly, with Ishq Ki Gali rendered by Jayesh Gandhi and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Had Udit Narayan taken the place of RFAK, this track would surely have passed off as a track from the early 90s. As a result the repeat factor hits harder in this one making it more wearisome. In fact the remix is a better listen, the addition of more Punjabi elements working in the song’s favour. Things close on the retro note itself with another 90s-ish marriage song, Yeh Hare Kaanch Ki Choodiyan, rendered fittingly by Alka Yagnik, a singer who made her career singing such tracks. However this song is more listenable than Ishq Ki Gali and Tum Chain Ho, bearing faint shades of Himesh’s Kyon Ki.
While Milenge Milenge wouldn’t be counted among Himesh’s best soundtracks, this mixed bag score for me rates above Kajraare. And Himesh’s singing in Milenge Milenge Part 2 was the real surprise package of the album! 🙂 You can listen to the soundtrack here.
Music Aloud rating: 7/10
Recommended Tracks: Milenge Milenge Part 2, Tum Chain Ho Unplugged, Kuch To Baaki Hai

Suraj says:

Outstanding Album

Hats Off to u Himesh

He excels as a Singer, Composer again !!!!

VIP says:

@united: i m hoping that i am correct on the credits of milenge milenge part 2? its indeed himesh along with shreya rt?

VIP says:

@united: sorry.. my bad! i had based my review on what i heard from musicindiaonline. there and on wiki sonu has been credited for this song. thanx for pointing it out. 🙂 shall correct it on wiki as well.

united says:

dude da unpluged version is sung by vineet singh not sonu!! like comon wt da hell?!!