Wimbledon now has an official bard!!

wimbledonThe Grandslam season is back! French Open is already underway and in less than a month Wimbledon will kick off. And this time in its efforts to making the Wimbledon experience a novel one, the authorities have appointed an official resident poet for Wimbledon in association with the Poetry Trust. Matt Harvey, the British performance poet, will come out with a poem on each of the Championship capturing every facet of the tournament. The verses will be available online and in podcasts, apart from being being recited to spectators at the All England Club. Harvey will also be interacting with fans via his blog posted on the Wimbledon site, and twitter.
In his quintessential manner, the humorist responded thus to his being appointed Official Championship Poet 2010 – “It’s an honour, and I’m acutely conscious it’s the only time I’ll come first in anything at Wimbledon, unless you count the queue for strawberries.” The first poem has already been published. Its called Grandest of Slams. You can listen to Matt Harvey recite the poem on the official podcast here. The lyrics can be read here as well. So there are more reasons than one to look forward to this year’s Wimbledon!