American Idol Top 12 kick off with the Rolling Stones

AIAmerican Idol Season 9 entered its final leg yesterday, with the top 12 taking on songs of The Rolling Stones. While the reviews of the performances have been mixed, the hot faves Siobhan Magnus and Crystal Bowersox seem to have pulled off a good job yesterday as well. Katie Stevens, who has been having a bad run of late, came out with what many have been calling her best performance of the season, singing Wild Horses. For a person suffering from vocal cord laryngitis, Paige Miles did a fine rendition of Honky Tonk Women. Apart from that it seems to have been a just about average performance, not quite what you would expect of the top 12 of a show as big as American Idol. Then again, this dozen has been widely touted as a just about average bunch. In any case, hope they put up a better show next week. You can watch snippets of the show here. And below is the list of songs that were performed yesterday, with youtube links to their original Rolling Stones versions. It always feels good to revisit classics!

Michael LyncheMiss You
Didi BenamiPlay With Fire
Casey JamesIt’s All Over Now
Lacey BrownRuby Tuesday
Andrew GarciaGimme Shelter
Katie StevensWild Horses
Tim UrbanUnder My Thumb
Siobhan MagnusPaint It Black
Lee DewyzeBeast of Burden
Paige MilesHonky Tonk Women
Aaron KellyAngie
Crystal BowersoxYou Can’t Always Get What You Want