Striker-Music Review

Cham Cham is a beautiful composition by Shailendra Barve (who composed Mera Jahaan for Taare Zameen Par) ; amazing vocal arrangement forming the core. The rendition is delightful by Sonu Nigam and the multiple layers of vocals blend amazingly. Claps and Tabla form the rhythm section and Harmonium fills up well. In Aim Laga, Blaaze impresses as a composer, giving a catchy track, which should do well as part of the movie. The remix is also well arranged and the pace fits the song well. The normal version nevertheless is striking, the use of tabla notable. Amit Trivedi maintains the momentum from Dev D with Bombay Bombay. Siddharth does a decent job on the vocals and the Harmonium/Accordion piece is a highlight for the song. The rythm programming is also commendable, especially in the interlude just before the second verse. Haq Se, Yuvan Shankar Raja’s debut would have done better with another vocalist. The singing, especially on the intro verse, is disappointing. Swanand Kirkire’s Maula has a live performance feel to it, lacking in digital refinement, which is refreshing. The arrangement is basic and still captures interest. Pia Saanvra by Shailendra Barve is also a decent track, but probably will not sustain long term interest. The rendition cannot be described as soulful, which probably is what the track lacks. Yun Hua is a soothing melody, which doesn’t disappoint, just so, coming from the Gulzaar – Vishal Bharadwaj combo. A very interesting album, coming from a good mix of musicians, all of whom, we can look forward to in the future.

Music Aloud Rating: 7/10

Recommended tracks: Cham Cham, Bombay Bombay

Sreejith says:

i love piya Saanvra the most 🙂