Daily Quiz #62

Question Courtesy: Flightless One


Answer: The Rolling Stone logo. John John Pasche was a 25 year old student at London’s Royal College of Art when he asked by the Stones management to design a poster for the band’s European tour. Apparently, Mick Jagger turned up at John Pasche’s final degree show where the poster was on display. Soon after, Mick Jagger asked him to design a logo for The Rolling Stones record label and showed him an image of the Hindu Goddess Kali, which was his starting point. The work was done in about two weeks and he was just paid £50 for the task. Two years later, he was paid another £200 as a recognition from the band to its success. The copyright of the logo was lately bought by the band, but Pasche still owned the original artwork, which is currently on sale for £300,000 at the artist’s web site.

raghu says:

ooo the kaali’s long tongue, hmnm.

raghu says:

tongue lip rollin stones logo by john pache?
cant connect though :S

Wasi Manazir says:

Rolling Stones

Nirad Inamdar says:

How i love these text-based questions, wherein one need have no knowledge!
Rolling Stones
The CV is of John Pasche, some designer who created the luscious lips logo
and on the right might be Goddess Kali in her demon-slaying pose

Vivek N D says:

John Pasche, designer of ‘The Tongue’ logo for Rolling Stones

swaps says:

this is the resume of john pasche who designed the rolling stones’ tongue logo. The initial inspiration for this came to mick jagger who saw the photo of kali and asked for a logo based on that …

Rosh says:

John Pasche’s resume. He designed the logo for the Rolling Stones. The logo was inspired by the image of Goddess Kali.