Daily Quiz #59

Whats the significance of this picture? Or whats blanked out?


Answer: This was the first instance of the word Ambient being explicitly used for an album, eventually leading to the genre being called so.

Rightly cracked by Emmanuel, Easwar, Rosh, Nitish, Swaps, Jayesh, Vivek, Flightless One, Nirad and Praneetha

Praneetha says:

this was the first to explicitly carry the name “ambient” – Wiki 🙂

Nirad Inamdar says:

Ambient 1

the flightless one says:

Ambient 1 has been blanked out. Ambient music is Brian Eno’s music genre. is that what you are looking for? or as one site says the art is like a map that seems to point to the different spaces that emerged in the 70s and 80s, like malls, spaghetti junctions etc

Jayesh says:

juz googled it out…it says “AMBIENT1”

swaps says:

the blanked out word is ambient 1 – ambient is the name of his music label and this was the first album under that title

Nitish says:


Rosh says:

“Ambient 1” is blanked out. First album to explicitly use the term “ambient” to describe the music/genre.

easwar says:

Ambient 1

Emmanuel says:

The word is “AMBIENT”. The image is the cover page for the albums in the “Ambient” series.

Is there anything more? Because, only this text was enough in google.