Daily Quiz #50

Today we complete half-century of questions. Just a few notes:

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Finally coming to today’s question

Connect (A slightly cheeky one today):


Answer in comments.

Answer: The members of Pink Floyd were part of various bands before they settled on the name. Meggadeaths, Sigma 6 and Tea Sets being a few of them.

Cracked by swaps and the flightless one.

Nirad Inamdar says:

I can recognise only Six Sigma, so that’s my guess

swaps says:

has taken me a lot of time and research but the answer is Pink Floyd

Sigma 6 (pic 1) was the band in which Mason and waters used to play. Then they got Syd Barrett and moved thru a lot of names one of them being Megadeath … before settling for Tea Set… later moving to the more famous name!!!

the flightless one says:

the connect is Pink Floyd… megadeaths, tea set and sigma 6 were names they were known by in the past.

good work people. i love coming here for my daily fix. Cheers on the half century!