Daily Quiz #42

This music director completed the works of a late music director and also served as the CEO of a big production house. Identify him.


Apologies for the small image. The best I could find.

Answer in comments.

Answer: Sanjeev Kohli, who completed his father Madan Mohan’s work for Veer Zaara.

Cracked by: Nirad, Rosh, Swaps and easwar

@Nirad: This was actually Vipin’s question, I just did the job of posting it :). Nevertheless, I do appreciate Indian music and have actually made a few questions (Piyush Mishra and Binaca Geetmala are the ones that come to mind immediately) for this quiz. So yes, I am slightly offended. ~Anirudh

Nirad Inamdar says:

The description & the hint make this very guessable,
but it’s surprising to learn that Anirudh posted this!
A very slight offence intended.

Sanjeev Kohli, of Veer-Zaara

Rosh says:

Sanjeev Kohli (s/o Madan Mohan, CEO of Yashraj Films).

swaps says:

this is madan mohan’s son sanjeev kohli. He recreated his music for Veer Zaara.

easwar says:

Sanjeev kohli (son of madan mohan) completed his fathers work for Veer Zaara