Daily Quiz #41

The pic below shows six of the members from which famous group?

Courtesy: easwer


Answer in comments.

Answer: Quoting wiki:

“The Rock-Bottom Remainders is a rock and roll band consisting of published writers, most of them both amateur musicians and popular English-language book, magazine, and newspaper authors. The band took its self-mocking name from the publishing term remaindered book, a work for which the unsold remainder of the publisher’s stock of copies is sold at a reduced price.”

Cracked by: dushyant, swaps, flightless one, Vivek N D

dushyanth says:

rock bottom remainders

Jayesh says:

USA for Africa??

swaps says:

I know this one… finally

The last 2 people are stephen king and Amy tan and the band is RBR – Rock bottom remainders …

the flightless one says:

the Rock Bottom Remainders..

Vivek N D says:

The Rockbottom Remainders