Daily Quiz #18

X began as an academic project by students of a University in Paris in 1996. Some time before this happened, some students from the Student Association of the institute had once come back to the college drunk, with a Y they found on the road, subsequently starting a collection of Y. And when X was started they decided to use Y as their logo. ID X. I wouldn’t specifically have any points for identifying Y, coz if you get one you would naturally get the other.


Y was a traffic cone, and X is obviously VideoLan Project, more famous for its VideoLan Client Media Player, or VLC Media Player whose logo as you would have noticed, is a traffic cone.

One crack – Arun A S, who incidentally has contributed today’s question. 🙂

VIP says:

@Nirad: That was the reason I replaced Ecole Central Paris with “a University in Paris”. 🙂

Nirad Inamdar says:

Awesome qn, more so because it beat a Google search

easwar says:

awesome qn 🙂

Nirad Inamdar says:

Qwartz Electronic Awards

Arun.A.S says:

vlc media player