Quiz #9

Simple. Connect.

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Answer in comments.

Answer: The connect was the song “Bullah ki jaana mein kaun”. The sufi saint Bulleh Shah wrote the kafi. Wadali Brothers, Rabbi Shergill and Junoon have covered it.


Nirad Inamdar – 1

Anurag – 1

Wasi Manazir – 1

Rosh – 1

Easwar – 1

Vivek N D – 1

Daily Quiz #10
Nirad Inamdar says:

I see Rabbi and i can think of only BULLAH KI JAANA.
The top left is the original Sufi writer Bullah Shah and
the top right must be a Sufi recital.

Anurag says:

Baba Bulleh Shah

Wasi Manazir says:

Bulle Shah, and various songs containing the words Bullah/Bulleh, notably by Waddali Bros., Rabbi Shergill etc.

Rosh says:

Bulla Ki Jaana.

easwar says:

Bulleh shah, Wadali brothers , rabbi and junoon

connection is the song Bullah Ki Jaana

Vivek N D says:

Bulleh Shah. Self in image 1. Image 2 is probably Wadali Brothers, 3 is Rabbi Shergill and 4 is Junoon. All sung songs lyrics penned by Bulleh Shah.