Horchata, Vampire Weekend’s new single is available for free download!

Vampire Weekend is one of the coolest indie bands around. Their music is inspired by African pop music, and they call their music Upper West Side Soweto. I had listened to their debut eponymous album. I liked them instantly, their music is very cheery and pleasant. My personal favorites are Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa and Oxford Comma, these two songs were simply fantastic, the instrumentation is very clever and sounds really good!  VW has released a new album, Contra and a single from the album is up for grabs at their website.

This single is called Horchata, named after a  traditional drink .  The song will endear to the Vampire Weekend fans, ifrontt’s almost in the same vein as their earlier songs, nevertheless it’s a beautiful song. Its free, go download it and give it a listen.