Quiz #6

Simple and direct. Connect.
As usual, let us remind you that the answers and scores for yesterday’s quiz are updated in the same.

The Band is Rage Against The Machine and from the South Park episode Chef Goes Nanners(408) the picture is a reference to a Vietnamese monk Thích Quảng Đức who burned himself protesting against the persecution of Buddhists by the Ngô Đình Diệm administration.RATM had used a picture of Thích Quảng Đức for their self titles debut album.

While we were specifically looking for this answer, Easwar has pointed out that Raging Pussies, a band that featured in Southpark, was an allusion to RATM.

While the actual connect was cracked only by Manjith, considering the technical correctness of the second connect we award one point to Easwar as well. And thanks to Easwar for this piece of info.

Manjith, Easwar – 1

the flightless one says:

Rage against the machine, and south park.. hmmm something about racism maybe. google tells me about the song “down rodeo”… i suppose the episode of South Park featured some similar plot line.

Manjith says:

Rage against the machines, south park on the Burmese monk who self immolated to protest against the Govt.
The burning monk was on the cover of RATM’s first album.

easwar says:

rage against the machine and southpark

is it raging pussies(a reference to rage against the machine ) ?