Quiz #4, #5

First of all, sincere apologies for not posting a question yesterday. The team was enjoying an awesome concert by Faridkot a review of which should be up shortly. To make up for it, we are posting 2 questions today.

Q1. What started with 1 and was finished by 2?

1.05-10-2 2.05-10-1

Q2. This musical instrument was used in a popular bollywood song. Identify the instrument (No points for the song).

Q1 – Everyone who attempted got this one right – It is indeed Woodstock, that started with Richie Havens and ended with Jimi Hendrix.
Q2 – This is the Australian instrument called didgeridoo, which came to prominence (in India) when it was used by SEL in the prelude of their song Jaane Kyun from Dil Chahta Hai.
The scores:
Rosh, Unni, Nirad, The Flightless One – 2
Easwar – 1

the flightless one says:

Q1. Richie Havens was the first performer at Woodstock. Hendrix did the last piece.

Q2. didgeridoo?

easwar says:

Q1 . Woodstock (Richie havens and Jimi Hendrix)

Q2 . 🙁

Nirad Inamdar says:

4. Tried hard, but just couldn’t find the 1st guitarist (baldie).
i’ll randomly say Woodstock (that’s all i know)

5. Didgeridoo

unni says:

1) Woodstock

2) Digeridoo

Rosh says:

1. Woodstock
2. Didgeridoo (the song being Jaane Kyun from DCH)