Song For The Asking – The Daily Music Quiz!

Over the past few months we at Music Aloud have been giving you a lot of music gyaan. Now allow us to check yours! We present to you our brand new segment, a daily music quiz which we have decided to call, Song For The Asking. While we start off with five questions today, in days to come we shall be posting one question a day. The questions would be up everyday at 10 pm (well, everyday except today that is) and you can post your answers any time within the next 24 hours, after which we would post the answers to the quiz and put up our next question as well. The answers have to be posted as comments to the question. Every correct answer would give you 1 point, and these points would add up over the course of the month to earn you a spot in our Hall of Fame!
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For a change, try picking your brains instead of your guitar strings!

Find the first set of questions here.