This is Us – Backstreet Boys

straight-through-my-heartThe seventh studio album of the American boy band shall hit the stands this October. This is Us shall be the second album BSB releases since the departure of Kevin Richardson, the first one being Unbreakable in 2007. While Unbreakable was a rather forgetful affair in terms of commercial success, BSB stand an advantage this time of having Max Martin, the man responsible for many of their major hits, back in the camp. He was incidentally not part of Unbreakable. The band also have RedOne (the man behind Lady Gaga’s 2008 chartbusters Just Dance and Poker Face) who has supposedly done three songs for them. Add to all this a few more collaborators like T-Pain, Claude Kelly etc., and things definitely look to be on BSB’s side this time. The first single of the album, Straight Through My Heart, which was out last week, is a definite hit in any case. So will Backstreet Boys get it goin’ on this time? Lets wait and see. In the meantime here is Straight Through My Heart for you.