Coldplay says thank you.


Coldplay’s  new live album  is available for free  download at their website. Its called LeftRightLeftRightLeft. I am not quite sure why they named the album like that. May be they are alluding their to their march towards greater success. Nah, thats sounds like a bad guess. Anyways that’s a  catchy title. The album has songs from the albums, “Viva La Vida”, “X & Y” and  “A rush of blood to the head”

Here is a list of songs.

1. “Glass of Water” — 4:43
2. “42” — 4:52
3. “Clocks” — 4:40
4. “Strawberry Swing” — 4:16
5. “The Hardest Part/Postcards from Far Away” — 4:15
6. “Viva la Vida” — 5:24
7. “Death Will Never Conquer” — 1:39
8. “Fix You” — 5:38
9. “Death and All His Friends” — 4:22

The album is a must download for all Coldplay fans. The songs are different from what we hear in the studio versions. My personal favorite is “The Hardest Part”, I love the way Martin has rendered it  in his creamy voice  and it mesmerized the audience, you can even hear a lady screaming “that’s the hardest part”.

Blessed are those who saw Coldplay live and I am eternally grateful to Coldplay for releasing this album for free. Guys and gals go grab it!

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