Trilok Gurtu’s Massical out today!!

massicalMore reasons for fusion aficionados to rejoice this year as veteran percussionist Trilok Gurtu has also decided to join the party!! Gurtu’s  latest World Music album, Massical, is out in stores. A truly “world” musical album this, with instruments ranging from the Hawaiian lapsteel guitar to the Australian didge to the Armenian duduk to some close to 40 other instruments!! The 10-track album also features close to a couple of a dozens of world musicians including some of the most established names like Jan Garbarek, Stefano Dall’Ora etc. The album also features Bhojpuri singer Kalpana and Maharashtrian classical singer Devki Pandit. One of Massical‘s songs, Kuruksetra, is a dedication to virtuoso guitarist John McLaughlin. To quote Gurtu’s own words, “music has to be there for everybody — it is the masses who have to decide about music and not the classes. The classes always have the money. But you always have to reach the masses. That’s why I say music is massical, not classical.” Well here is hoping that Massical does indeed reach down to the masses, beyond the few world music followers, considering that his previous, Twenty Years of Talking Tabla, though a good album, wasn’t quite a mass entertainer.

A detailed review of the album to follow, as soon as I get hold of the album. For now, you can catch sound bites and a brief description of the songs from Massical at Trilok Gurtu’s site. You can also read the official press release there, whence comes the above quote. And below is a live performance of one of the songs from the album at London, though I do not know which song this is.

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