Will he or won’t he?

A. R. Rahman has created history, is creating history and will continue to do so, there is no doubt about that! But tonight, if Murphy’s law doesn’t hold good for the Oscar ceremony, the Mozart of Madras will walk away with at least one of of those golden statuettes. And that will herald a new era in the history of Indian film music. Indian “filmi” music is several decades old and never before it has garnered so much international attention. And the fact that it has happened through A.R. Rahman is no mere coincidence as for years he has symbolized excellence, innovation and originality.
Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire was chosen by A.R. Rahman over Ashutosh Gowariker’s new movie, “What’s your rashee?” I am not sure, if that was a gamble, but still the move paid off. Recognitions are not new for A.R. Rahman but this one going by the interest it can generate is huge, historic. With the rumors of the existence of a leaked Oscar winners list without Rahman’s name, lets keep our fingers crossed and wish that tonight at least one of those golden men with the dagger will find a new home in Madras.