The “Bombay Boy” – Dhruv Ghanekar

dhruvDhruv Ghanekar has released his debut solo album titled Distance. For those who must wondering who this guy is, here is a brief history of Dhruv.

Exposed to classical music from the age of 9, Dhruv had the fortune of receiving tutelage from the great Sarangi exponent Ustad Sultan Khan.  His interest towards jazz led him to Berkley School of Music. In between he formed a rock band named Chakraview, and later teamed up with Ashutosh Pathak to form Smoke Studios, composing music for ads and alternative movies which included small-time movies like Bombay Boys, White Noise etc. He also released an album called Smoke with Ashutosh Phatak which received considerable airplay on MTV and Channel V. Dhruv then went solo into music composition and grabbed the spotlight when he composed some memorable music for the utterly forgettable movie, Drona. Dhruv also runs an establishment called Blue Frog, which is a studio, a performance club and a production house all rolled into one.

Dhruv’s command over both jazz music and classical music makes his fusion songs a delectable experience for aficionados. The same can be said about Distance, which is a world/fusion music disc with jazz and Indian classical overtones. The songs grab one’s attention through some slick guitar work. You can hear snippets of the tracks at his Myspace page. You can also listen to bits of other works of Dhruv on his second myspace page. It will be interesting to see how far this man traverses along the path of Indo-jazz fusion trodden by greats like John McLaughlin and Louiz Banks.

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