emotional athyachaar

Dev D, Anurag Kashyap’s Punk/Grunge take on Devdas has made people sit up and take notice. So has the track “Emotional Athyachaar”. The song has a “never heard before” feel to it, may be it’s due to the song’s brass band instrumentation or it might be the quirky lyrics. Whatever it may be, the song has become a huge hit as an anthem of sorts for the losers and is most likely the first Bollywood song to use the term “whore”. Even though composed by the prodigious composer Amit Trivedi and performed by the secretive band masters Rangila and Rasila , the song was conceived by Anurag Kashyap himself. It was he who suggested using the brass band sound and he also came up with the phrase “Emotional Athyachaar”. Mr Kashyap cites movies of Emir Kusturica and Kamal Swaroop’s cult classic Om Dar Badar as influences.

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