3 Storeys – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)

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Guest composers Amjad Nadeem produce possibly their best composition yet that I have listened to, in their sole offering for 3 Storeys’ soundtrack titled Raasleela. A pleasantly engaging melody set to a dandiya-esque folksy rhythm (a combination that is likely to remind you of Leslie Lewis & Suneeta Rao’s yesteryear Indipop hit Pari Hoon Main), and a fine rendition from Sumedha Karmahe. The composers also lend a hand in writing the song, alongside Alaukik Rahi (interesting name that; turns out he has been active since 2010, though for nondescript films mostly). Rest of the soundtrack comes from Clinton Cerejo. Mohit Chauhan’s characteristically drawling rendition is a perfect choice for the atrangi kahaani that Pushaan Mukherjee pens in Zaroori Bewakoofi, and the man receives fine backing from Vivienne Pocha, Crystal Sequira and Bianca Gomes (all familiar names from Cerejo’s Coke Studio at MTV set). Cerejo on his part sets the song to a groovy arrangement (and does a cameo in an interlude with “vocal trumpeting”) that sees some excellent use of guitars (Shon Pinto).

Bas Tu Hai’s wistful lines (written by Puneet Krishna) gain immensely from the immersive treatment the composer gives the song, and the top singing job by Jonita Gandhi and Arijit Singh. Ace guitar work again, in the second half, this time from another of the composer’s frequent collaborators, Warren Mendonsa.  The final song, Azaadiyaan, carries a mild Haq Hai (Te3n) feel about it (even Shellee’s words are set along a similar theme, after a fashion). Incidentally, both songs feature Cerejo on vocals, here he is joined by his talented Ananthaal bandmate Bianca Gomes. The ambient piece is an engaging one despite the earlier mentioned throwback factor, thanks to some nice touches like the vocal harmonisation.

3 Storeys. Clinton Cerejo continues to deliver impressive songs in low profile films. With Amjad Nadeem for support, in this case.

Music Aloud Rating: 3.5/5

Top Recos: Bas Tu Hai, Azaadiyaan, Raasleela

This review first appeared in the Mumbai edition of The Hindu.

Musician Credits

Song – Bas Tu Hai
Music Composer – Clinton Cerejo
Lyrics – Puneet Krishna
Singers – Arijit Singh, Jonita Gandhi
Music Producer – Clinton Cerejo
Guitar Solo – Warren Mendonsa
Recorded by Hemant Baral and Yash Tiwary @ The Groove Room, Mumbai
Mixed By Shantanu Hudlikar @ Yash Raj Studios, Mumbai
Mastered By Pete Maher @ Pete Maher Mastering, London

Song – Raasleela
Music Composer – Amjad Nadeem
Lyrics – Alaukik Rahi & Amjad Nadeem
Singer – Sumedha Karmahe
Arranger/Programmer – Aamir Khan
Live Guitars – Shomu Seal
Live Percussion – Nishad Chandra
Song Recorded at Studio One Empire Studio & Aamir Khan Studio
Recording Engineer – A. Manivannan & Shakir Shaikh
Mix and Master by Prithvi Sharma @ LMR Studios

Song – Azaadiyaan
Music Composer – Clinton Cerejo
Lyrics – Shellee
Singers – Clinton Cerejo, Bianca Gomes
Music Producer – Clinton Cerejo, Sachin Mittra
Recorded by Hemant Baral @ The Groove Room, Mumbai
Mixed By Chinmay Harshe @ The VerbGrove Studio, Mumbai
Mastered By Pete Maher @ Pete Maher Mastering, London

Song – Zaroori Bewakoofi
Music Composer – Clinton Cerejo
Lyrics – Pushaan Mukherjee
Singer – Mohit Chauhan
Music Producer – Clinton Cerejo
Guitars – Shon Pinto
Vocal Trumpter – Clinton Cerejo
Additional Vocals – Vivienne Pocha, Crystal Sequeira, Bianca Gomes,
Recorded by Hemant Baral @ The Groove Room, Mumbai
Mixed By Devang Rachh @Splice Studios, Mumbai
Mastered By Pete Maher @ Pete Maher Mastering, London

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