Tharangam – Music Review (Malayalam Soundtrack)

Songs and musician credits at the end.

Two of the three tracks in Tharangam are variants of the same song. Debutant composer Ashwin Renju has a fine melody in place for Minnunnunde Mulla Pole. Its first, more filmi version has Karthik leading the vocals in his dependable style. The tune works even better in its alternate version sung by Neha Nair. The synth-based ambient arrangement (topped with Dr. Bhavyalakshmi’s violin) lends the song a dreamy quality. The other song Enthelum Parayanundel is pretty much on the other end of the spectrum with its earthy raucousness. Singer Sajeev Stanley’s rendition isn’t without flaws, but he makes up for that in energy and the drunken-ish drawl. The song is entertaining while it lasts, though not bound to stick in mind.

Short but promising debut from composer Ashwin Renju

Music Aloud Rating: 3/5

Musician Credits

1 “Minunundae Mullapolae”

Lyrics: Manu Manjith

Singer: Karthik

Backing vocals: Ancy Thomas

2 “Enthelum Parayanundel”

Lyrics: Manu Manjith

Singer: Sajeev Stanley

Backing vocals: Vineeth Kumar, Manu Ramesan.

3 “Minunundae Mullapolae” feat. Dr. Bhavyalakshmi and Neha Nair

Lyrics: Manu Manjith

Singer: Neha Nair

Violins: Dr. Bhavyalakshmi

Backing vocals: Ashwin Renju

Artists and Technicians:

All songs composed, programmed and arranged by Ashwin Renju

Additional Programming on “Enthelum Parayanundel” by Manu Ramesan

Mandolins and Ukulele : Amal Jose

Guitars: Keith McCoy, Ashwin Renju


Songs Recorded at:

Subsaid Studios, Ernakulam.

Rajiv Menon Productions, Chennai.

My Studio, Cochin.

GJMR Studio, Doha, Qatar.

Mixed and Mastered by : Saji R Nair, Chetana Studios, Thrissur

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