Dear Maya – Music Review (Bollywood)

Songs at the end.

The ever reliable Rekha Bhardwaj sounds oddly off colour singing Saat Rangon Ke, it is perhaps the pacing of the song itself causing that feeling. Even composer Anupam Roy – doing his first Hindi movie that does not involve Shoojit Sircar – doesn’t feel his usual self, setting the nice melodic piece (very nicely written by Irshad Kamil) to a rather dated arrangement. The Acoustic Version of the song features a better arrangement and sounds better; the composer even does a passable job donning the vocalist role himself. Jonita Gandhi sings her heart out in the melancholic Kehne Ko that once again carries a heard before feeling about it otherwise. The song is a better listen than Saat Rangon Ke all the same.

Anupam Roy delivers his best song for Dear Maya in yet another melodic piece titled Sune Saaye. The rock-flavoured sound is right down Roy’s alley, and he unsurprisingly aces it, adding a lovely touch in the arrangement with the sitar. Harshdeep Kaur delivers splendidly on her part as well. Final track of the soundtrack has been done by guest composer Sandman (Sandeep Patil). Attitude-loaded singing from Rashi Mal (whose main trade is acting) aside, middling song.

Dear Maya. But for one trademark composition, surprisingly ordinary work from Anupam Roy.

Music Aloud Rating: 2/5

Top Recos: Sune Saaye, Kehne Ko, Saat Rangon Ke (acoustic)

This review first appeared in the Mumbai edition of The Hindu.

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