Aanandam – Music Review (Malayalam Soundtrack)


Songs and full credits at the end (song link via @rkartha).

Riding on a breezy melody and a fittingly ebullient arrangement, Dooreyo makes for a fine roadtrip song. Movie producer Vineeth Sreenivasan’s lyrics are delivered by Vishak Nair, Suchith Suresan, Ashwin Gopakumar and Sachin Warrier, not all of whom do a top job but manage to collectively make the vocals work. Vineeth gets behind the mic to relate the story of engineering students in Oru Naattil. Not a very well-written story (Manu Manjith, the lyricist here) but the happy vibes in the song (contributed largely by Sumesh Parameswar’s ukulele and the brass section by Laljimon-Bijumon-Abhilash Mohan) once again make it an engaging listen.

After North 24 Kaatham, indie musician Raghu Dixit makes his second appearance in a Malayalam movie with Aanandam, albeit with a Hindi song written by composer Sachin Warrier. A soothing melody that is given a slightly ghazal-like treatment; the song might have worked even better with a mellower voice I felt. Sachin’s sister Sneha Warrier joins When Chai Met Toast frontman Ashwin Gopakumar on the delightful melodic piece Payye Veesum Kaattil and both of them do their job commendably. Sumesh’s guitars form the backbone of the composition, Rajesh Cherthala’s flute (tin whistle perhaps) and Paulson’s sitar making their cameo appearances in the interludes – the former in especially fine form. The composer chooses to deliver the soundtrack’s finest himself and does so in his impeccable style. Sachin also plays the ukulele in the backdrop (sounds almost like a mandolin here!) that lends the song a dreamy quality. In fact everything in the arrangement fits just right – the strings section, double bass, harmonica – Nilaavil Ellaame is a total winner!

After making his mark as a playback singer, Sachin Warrier makes a competent debut in Aanandam with a bunch of jolly, youthful songs. And like the man who gave him his first break (Shaan Rahman), he too seems to have a flair for melody-oriented pieces!

Music Aloud Rating: 3.5/5

Top Recos: Nilaavil Ellaame, Payye Veesum Kaattil, Dooreyo


Full Credits

Aanandam Official Audio Jukebox | New Malayalm Film Songs | Sachin Warrier | Vineeth Sreenivasan – YouTube

1. Dooreyo……
Singers : Vishak Nair, Suchith Suresan, Ashwin Gopakumar, Sachin Warrier
Lyrics : Vineeth Sreenivasan
Musicians : Sumesh Parameswar (Guitars and Bass), Sandeep Mohan (Banjo and Solo Electric Guitar), Bharat Prabhakaran (Additional Drum Programming)

2. Nilaavil Ellame…..
Singer : Sachin Warrier
Lyrics : Anu Elizabeth Jose
Musicians : Francis Xavier-Francis Sebastian-Josekutty-Jain (String Section), Sachin Warrier (Ukulele), Bidyuth (Upright Bass), Kabuli (Harmonica),

3. Oru Naattil…..
Singers : Vineeth Sreenivasan, Apoorva Bose
Lyrics : Manu Manjith
Musicians : Sumesh Parameswar (Guitars, Ukulele and Bass), TJ Laljimon-KJ Bijumon-Abhilash Mohan (Horn Section), KJ Bijumon (Trumpet Solo)

4. Payye Veesum Kaattil……
Singers : Ashwin Gopakumar, Sneha Warrier
Lyrics : Anu Elizabeth Jose
Musicians : Sumesh Parameswar (Guitars and Bass), Rajesh Cherthala (Flute), Paulson (Sitar)

5. Khule Raston Pe…….
Singer : Raghu Dixit
Lyrics : Sachin Warrier
Musicians : Ranjith Meleppatt (Harmonium), Achyuth Jaigopal (Guitar), Shruthi Raj (Tabla)

Music Coordinator (Chennai) : R Babu

Songs Recorded at My Studio, Kochi (Hari Shankar, Sai Prakash, Shanu); 20 dB Soundstudios, Chennai (Avinash Sathish); Chethana Sound Studios, Thrissur (Saji R Nair); Wandering Minstrel Records and Studios, Bengaluru (Aditya Srinivasan)

All Songs Mixed and Mastered by Balu Thankachan at 20 dB Soundstudios

All Songs Composed, Programmed and Arranged by Sachin Warrier

Special Thanks to Murali Krishna Nair (My Studio, Kochi), Sethu Thankachan (20 dB Soundstudios, Chennai), Ashwin Gopkaumar, Seetha Nair, Jyothi Menon

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