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Composer Darbuka Siva presents a second adaptation of a song from his band La Pongal’s eponymous debut album – Vandiyile Nellu Varum – to open the soundtrack of Kidaari (first adaptation was in Shantanu Moitra’s Coke Studio at MTV Season 2 episode), and it still sounds as fun. The highlight of the song, as always, is still Anthony Daasan’s singing, which the composer backs with an engaging folk-infused arrangement, most of which are from the original. One major difference from the original track happens at 1:48 when the song takes a mellow turn leading up to Sanjana Kalmanje’s cameo. Thalakaalu Puriyalaiyae too has a similar soft segment but that appears as a prelude, and what follows is an even more trippy and imaginative melange of guitars (Keba Jeremiah, Naveen Napier on bass) and brass (Babu) and folk elements (Bala’s naadaswaram and Pichaikani’s thavil). Anitha K and D Velmurugan too deliver the track with matching levels of energy. Bala plays the title hook from the song in the darker, more anthemic sounding Kaathu Veesudhu Kaathu sung by Darbuka Siva and Gowtham Bharadwaj.

B Prasanna assists Siva with the strings arrangement and programming in his sombre adaptation of Bharathiyar’s Pagaivanukku Arulvaai that sees some particularly innovative use of Debasmita Bhattacharya’s sarod. Haricharan leads the vocals on this one, and delivers commendably as always. Vettaruva Veecharuva is singer D Velmurugan’s show pretty much, even as intriguing sounds from Naveen Chander’s woodwinds (duduk?) rule the backdrop. It is only the instrumental Velivarum Ulmugam that doesn’t quite make an impression, the tune gets daunting after a while. After that brief glimpse in song 1, composer puts Sanjana Kalmanje’s singing to much more extensive use in the gorgeous Nenjukkulla Ninnu Kittu, and she sounds exquisite! Siva’s treatment of the tune is simple yet ace, making brilliant use of Keba’s guitar and Naveen Chander’s flute with a kanjira-based rhythm – such a pity that this track is only 2.5 minutes long.

Kidaari sees another fine movie debut from an indie musician. A debut that is totally in keeping with Darbuka Siva’s indie musical identity.

Music Aloud Rating: 8/10

Top Recos: Nenjukkulla Ninnu Kittu, Thalakaalu Puriyalaiyae, Vandiyile Nellu Varum

Full Credits

  1. Vandiyile Nellu Varum

Traditional folk song/ Male part lyrics: Anthony Daasan, Female Interlude lyrics: Ekadesi

Singers: Anthony Daasan, Sanjana Kalmanje

Guitars: Keba Jeremiah,

Bass: Naveen Napier,

Naadhaswaram: Selvaraj,

Thavil: Pichaikani,

Udukkai: Darbuka Siva,

Tappaattam: Samar Kalai Kuzhu (Velu, Alanganallur)


  1. Vettaruva

Lyrics: Ekadesi

Singers: D.Velmurugan

Guitar: Keba Jeremiah,

Flutes and Woodwinds: Navin Chandar,

Additional Vocals: Mohsin Abbas


  1. Thalakaalu Puriyalaiyae

Singers: Anitha.K, D.Velmurugan

Lyrics: Mohanrajan

Guitars: Keba Jeremiah,

Bass: Naveen Napier,

Naadhaswaram: Bala,

Thavil: Pichaikani,

Brass: Babu


  1. Nenjukkulla Ninnukittu

Singer: Sanjana Kalmanje

Lyrics: Ekadesi

Guitars and Bass Guitar: Keba Jeremiah,

Flute: Navin Chandar


  1. Pagaivan

Singers: Haricharan

Lyrics: Mahakavi Bharathiyar

Sarod: Debasmita Bhattacharya,

Strings arrangement and programming: B Prasanna


  1. Kaathu Veesudhu Kaathu (Sandiyars of Sattur)

Lyrics: Mohanrajan

Singers: Darbuka Siva, Gowtham Bharadwaj

Tappaattam: Samar Kalai Kuzhu (Velu, Alanganallur),

Naadhaswaram: Bala


  1. Velivarum Ulmugam

Music programming and arrangement : Darbuka Siva > >


Recorded at: Seed Studios (Chennai), 20 DB Sound Studios (Chennai), Scarritt-Bennett Center (Nashville)

Recording Engineers: Hafeez, Dheeleeben (Seed Studios), Avinash (20DB Sound Studios)

Album Mixed and Mastered by Balu Thankachan at 20DB Sound Studios, Chennai.

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