Rani Padmini – Music Review (Malayalam Movie Soundtrack)

rani padmini posterSongs and full credits at the end.

The childish fantasies in Varu Pokaam Parakkaam penned by Rafeeq Ahammed are given a fittingly endearing, stirring treatment by composer Bijibal. While Rajesh Cherthala’s work on the flute and duduk stand out in the backdrop, the child singers Shwetha Menon, Devadutt and Lola do a fine job on the vocals. The short Tamil track Pudhu Pudhu engages for its techno-infused retro mix (Denson on bass and Vijay P Jacob on keyboards) and Soumya Radhakrishnan’s singing is good, though her Tamil doesn’t seem to be.

It is the pensive melodies of Rani Padmini that Bijibal really strikes gold though. Oru Makaranilavay has a hauntingly ambient arrangement that features some beautiful strings and scores particularly high in the interludes – first one with a sitar solo (Paulson) and second a sarangi/esraj (uncredited) solo. All of which is topped by the spotless singing from Chithra Arun. And finally there is Mizhimalarukal, a song that appears during the movie’s Himalayan sequence I am guessing by its sprawling, highland-ish soundscape. Lovely interplay of violins and flute, even as Sayanora Philip’s voice echoes across it all, carrying an ethereal feel about it.

Bijibal has always done well with director Aashiq Abu, and in Rani Padmini they add another fine soundtrack to that partnership. And a soundtrack entirely made up of female voices, haven’t had that in a while I think (sure, there is a Devadutt credited in the first song, but I could not discern any male voice per se).

Music Aloud Rating: 8/10

Top Recos: Mizhimalarukal, Oru Makaranilavay, Varu Pokaam Parakkaam

Full Credits

1) Varu Pokaam Parakkaam
Singers: Shwetha Menon, Devadutt, Lola
Lyrics: Rafeeq Ahammed
Keyboards -Justin Varghese, Flute & Duduk – Rajesh Chertala,
Mixed & Mastered By Shreeshankar@Muzik Ministry

2) Oru Makaranilavay
Singer: Chithra Arun
Lyrics: Rafeeq Ahammed
Keyboards – Justin Varghese
Sitar – Paulson, Flute – Rajesh Chertala, Strings – Francis Xavier,Herald, Josekutty,Francis & Chacko.
Mixed & Mastered By Nandhu Kartha @ Bodhi.

3) Puthu Puthu
Singer: Soumya Ramakrishnan
Lyrics : Nellai Jayantha
Keyboards – Vijay P Jacob
Bass Guitar – Denson
Mixed & Mastered By Shreeshankar @ Muzik Ministry

4) Mizhimalarukal
Singer: Sayanora
Lyrics: Rafeeq Ahammed
Keyboards – Aby Salvin Thomas
Mixed & Mastered by Bibin Ashok @ Bodhi

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