Premam – Music Review (Malayalam Soundtrack)

premam posterYou can listen to all the 9 songs here (link via @7hariqcp).

Aluva Puzha has a retro undertone to it, perhaps largely owing to Shabareesh Varma’s lines that are delivered with finesse by Vineeth Sreenivasan. What worked for me most in the song though is Rajesh Cherthala’s work with the flute, he is on a totally different trip at times! You can literally feel the Kalippu in Murali Gopi and Shabareesh Varma’s rendition (the former especially) of the song, that prelude in particular is most excellent! Composer Rajesh Murugesan supports them with a dark, pulsating arrangement that goes perfectly with the mood. Lovely use of idakka; that’s the second time in less than a month I am seeing the instrument appear in an unlikely setting (former being You Too Brutus). Rockaankuthu is a lot identifiable with the team’s musical soundscape in Neram, but not as effective. The song turns into a daunting listen, even the vocal choices don’t work that well – Anirudh and Haricharan.

It is the singing that turns out to be the weak aspect in Kaalam Kettu Poyi and Pathivaayi Njaan as well. Shabareesh Varma sure can do wacky renditions, but it would seem melodic songs are not his forte. And that tells in both the song. Kaalam has a sweet tune and the arrangement by Rajesh is superb (again, reminiscent of Neram in places). In Pathivaayi the lyricist is joined behind the mic by the composer, and the problem is the same. Decent tune, okayish arrangement, weak singing. In the quirky Scene Contra Shabareesh aces the Malayalam rap though! And the love failure themed lyrics are very well written too. Fun song overall.

Update: Three more songs from the song’s background score released this week, so adding my thoughts on the same. 

Malare has been the most sought after song since the movie’s release; having yet to watch the movie, I am quite curious how this has been used in the movie. The song has a simple, likeable tune that is delivered well by Vijay Yesudas. It is what happens in the backdrop that the song’s charm largely draws from however, the violins in particular that wash over you in a sudden rush of joy before fading out, only to reprise the act a few seconds later. Though its title is Ithu Puthan Kaalam, composer gives the song a rather retro sounding arrangement which remains the song’s mainstay, the horsecart-style rhythm, the harmonica and the like. Even the rendition by Rajesh and Shabareesh is quite nice here. The third song is the shortest and the only one that doesn’t impress much, a Tamizh song sung by Renjith Govind and Aalap Raju. The singing is good, but the song otherwise offers nothing special.

Premam. Considering the three new additions, Neram team’s (Alphonse Putharen-Rajesh Murugesan-Shabareesh Varma) sophomore effort goes one up over the debut, but for occasional let down by the vocal choices.

Music Aloud Rating: 8/10

Top Recos: Aluva Puzha, Kalippu, Malare

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