Hunterrr – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)

hunterrr posterYou can listen to the songs at the end of the review (link via Aman Wadhwa).

Debutant composer Khamosh Shah gets Bappi Lahiri and Altaf Raja to lead the two songs quite accurately representative of their respective styles/times, and replete with (intentionally, I am guessing) cheesy, quirky lines. Bappi’s song is called Hunterrr 303 (also called the Scoring Song by makers), and Altaf’s song is Dil Lagaana. From that throwback aspect, the song and singing work very well, though as standalone tracks they may not have much recall value. Nakash Aziz rules supreme in Na Heer Na Hoor pulling off some amusing vocal antics in his pitch perfect rendition. The song in general engages with its light hearted tune and arrangement, lyrics notwithstanding.

Staying true to its title, Bachpan has nostalgia-inducing lines from Swanand Kirkire, and a matchingly tender treatment from the composer. Behind the mic is another composer Amit Trivedi whose flawed vocals are the only thing not helping the song’s case much. Khamosh himself dons the vocalist role for the breezy Naina that despite its heard before tune makes for a nice listen owing to a neatly done arrangement – that sarangi solo in the second interlude deserves a mention. Ye Naa Gade is as Marathi folk songs come, power-packed, percussion-dominated, foot-tappy. Vaishali Made and Anand Shinde ensure an exuberant delivery of the song as well. The best song of the soundtrack though belongs to Arijit Singh and Sona Mohapatra. Chori Chori is a lilting retro-styled melody that is given a simple treatment (that old record style crackle sound at the start adds a lovely touch), and sung beautifully by both the singers.

Hunterrr. Khamosh Shah’s debut shows promise, hope his execution is better-rounded next time.

Music Aloud Rating: 6.5/10

Top Recos: Chori Chori, Naina, Na Heer Na Hoor

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