Rasam – Music Review (Malayalam Movie Soundtrack)


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Sarasa Sarasare may not be as culinarily elaborate as the last food song we had in Salt N Pepper, but it has an equally delightful effect, Kaavaalam Sreekumar quite evidently having a ball of a time delivering his father Kaavaalam Narayana Panicker’s light-hearted lines (which for some reason reminded me of Kunjunni Maash). Composer Job Kurian too is spot on, backing the classical-based tune with a folk fusion-esque arrangement. Job himself gets behind the mic for Maayamo and delivers commendably as expected. The arrangement is very Asian Underground; drums and bass with tabla and sitar in a trippy, ambient setting. And just as easily, the composer produces a thoroughly endearing thiruvaathira song replete with the standard Malayali folk cues (aarabhi and anandabhairavi raagas I guess) and instruments. And nobody could have delivered it as beautifully as Chitra has, a happy throwback to her past renditions in the same genre.

It’s a pity the soundtrack has only three songs and that it comes so long after that album of his (Thaalam was in 2008 I believe), but this is a brilliant movie debut by Job Kurian. And given that Rasam is a Lalettan-starrer, I am hoping that this doesn’t face the fate of bad marketing that Thaalam did.

Music Aloud Rating: 8.5/10

Top Recos: All tracks!

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