Praise The Lord – Music Review (Malayalam Movie Soundtrack)

For a change, Praise The Lord’s soundtrack has composer Shaan Rahman doing lead vocals for himself after long. And the English Devotional piece is a smart choice too, as he comfortably carries off the soulful pop-based rendition. The song too is nice and pleasantly done. Shaan also joins another Shan (Shan Johnson) and Kavya Ajith in the Hindi song Ab Kya Hua Hai. The singing is spirited, but the dated orchestration tells on the track. Sharon Vaniyil fares better, riding on a pulsating Arabic-flavored arrangement from the composer. Yazin Nisar and Rinu Razak are fabulous on their part. As a testimony to Shaan’s way with melody-oriented pieces, the soundtrack’s best is Innaleyolam. While the tune as such is not among the composer’s best, he makes that up big time in the arrangement, especially in the interlude that sees some beautiful flute-playing by Nikhil.

Praise The Lord. Short soundtrack from Shaan that has some good music, but belies the form the composer has been in, of late.

Music Aloud Rating: 7/10

Top Recos: Innaleyolam, English Devotional, Sharon Vaniyil

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