IndiEarth & Nadabrahma to release cloud cast on World Music Day

Nadabrahma and IndiEarth celebrate World Music Day on June 21st, 2013, by releasing an exclusive one hour cloud cast – titled Sounds of the Indian Ocean – and mixed exclusively by Bombay Dub Orchestra. The mix will feature sounds primarily from across the Indian Ocean region – Australia, Comoros, Reunion Island, India, and Indonesia.

A World of Sound

Featuring a range of folk, roots, and world music artists handpicked by EarthSync and IndiEarth, Sounds of the Indian Ocean takes a sonic journey through shores of the Indian Ocean and beyond. The cloud cast is mixed exclusively by Andrew T. Mackay of Bombay Dub Orchestra, the electronica/live orchestral project of UK based Andrew and Garry Hughes, who blend downtempo electronica with Western classical music and Indian instrumentation.


“We need to learn more about our brothers and sisters around the world and if we can do that through music, then that is truly wonderful”, said Andrew of Bombay Dub Orchestra. Artists featured in the mix include the likes of Ziskakan from Reunion, Business Class Refugees from India/Israel, Mounawar from the Comoros Islands, Bombay Dub Orchestra from the UK, Kingfisha from Australia.


The cloud cast will air on multiple radio platforms worldwide, including Freedom Radio City (IN), Monkey Radio(IN), Luv Asia Radio/The Eastern Electronic Show(UK), Spaces (Johannesburg, SA), Tilos Radio (Hungary), Radio Flote (IN), Roundhouse Radio (UK), My Opus Radio (IN), Chennai Live (IN). It will also be supported by global collectives.

“By combining folk, traditional, jazz and contemporary with electronica, we hope to enrich the musical taste buds of those who listen and vibe with us”, says Sanjay Kundalia of Nada Brahma about the collaboration. “We have always believed strongly in pushing new sounds and discovering new and emerging artists from around the world – this mix pays tribute to that spirit”, says Sonya Mazumdar of IndiEarth, an EarthSync initiative.

Track List

1) Shubha Mudgal, Ursula Rucker & Business Class Refugees – Drunk in Love

2) Maya Kamaty – Dernie Viraz

3) Zizkakan – Naison

4) Laya Project – Muliya

5) Mounawar – Wami M Djeni

6) Yaelle Trules – Akoz

7) Batkallim – Natacha Atlas –  Bombay Dub Orchestra’s Atlas of the World Remix

8) Abode – Azam Ali – Bombay Dub Orchestra’s Continental Drift Remix)

9) Urban Phileas – Satroka

10) Kingfisha – Piece of The Puzzle

11) Junoon  – Bombay Dub Orchestra. (Earthrise Soundsystem Remix featuring Jackson, Truth Now & Srikala )

12) Business Class Refugees – Tamil Bossa Nova

13) Flame of the Forest – Bombay Dub Orchestra featuring Kartik

About IndiEarth and Nadabrahma

IndiEarth is an online B2B platform that connects India’s non-mainstream independent musicians and filmmakers to worldwide Media. The platform features a blog, offers value-added services and wider opportunity networks through its partnerships. IndiEarth is a property of EarthSync – a world music record label and audio-visual production house, known best for its award winning, critically acclaimed documentary The Laya Project. Nadabrahma – which literally means “The World Is Sound” in Sanskrit – is an online world music magazine/music portal – and the brainchild of Sanjay Kundalia.Its focus is on underground, independent and experimental music from regions including India, the UK and the US.

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