Mere Dad Ki Maruti – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)


You can listen to the soundtrack here.

Sachin Gupta features pretty much everything definitive of the techno Punjabi genre in Punjabiyan Di Battery – the dhols, the synth, the tumbi and even Mika Singh and Yo Yo Honey Singh. And it is these factors (and the repeat factor in the beats) that make the song daunting beyond a point. Main Senti Hoon fares better thanks to a more engaging arrangement, but more due to the vocal efforts of Jaspreet Jasz and Shalmali Kholgade, and Kumaar’s humorous lyrics. The problem with song no. 1 returns in Haaay – a pretty overused arrangement, and Panjabi MC’s rendition also not helping much to get over that déjà vu. Hip Hip Hurrah may have worked better if not for the processing which sounds annoying at points (that ta ta na hook in particular). Sonu Kakkar sounds her lively best though. The title song is the best of the lot, the arrangement is fairly imaginative even while once again sticking to the dancey base, and Diljit Dosanjih and Sachin Gupta do well on the rendition. Even the stomped version by Nucleya is quite trippy.

Mere Dad Ki Maruti. Sachin Gupta stays faithful to the Punjabi dance music genre, but loses out on the freshness part in the process.

Music Aloud Rating: 6/10

Top Recos: Mere Dad Ki Maruti, Main Senti Hoon

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