Jolly LLB – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)

jolly llb posterYou can listen to the soundtrack here.

While composer Krsna missed doing Sadi Gali in his debut venture, he does a similarly entertaining Jhooth Boliya albeit strictly set to the regular dance template. There are some nifty touches in the arrangement though, like the harmonium and the use of flute. And a sprightly rendition by Kamaal Khan. The remix is redundant, as it generally is for such songs. Bappi Lahiri-rendered Law Lag Gaye (and its alternate version L Lag Gaye) is fun in that it invokes memories Bappi’s wacky songs of yore even as Krsna infuses a southie flavor particularly in the use of percussion. Just that Bappi da’s own singing comes in the way of making it entirely engaging.

It is from Daaru Peeke Nachna that the template factor starts getting tiresome – the song fails to impress despite Mika and Shreya Ghoshal’s exuberance. Pritesh Mehta’s remix does not add much value to the original either. Hans Ki Chaal too falls prey to the same problem. There is Kailash Kher doing a super rendition of Subhash Kapoor’s lines, and there is a rich arrangement (once again hats off to the harmonium player) that the composer provides to support him, but above all that there is the overwhelming déjà vu. Where Krsna shows some brilliance to the tune of his debut is in the final song, an innovatively crafted romantic piece called Ajnabi. Would have preferred someone else in place of Mohit Chauhan to go with Shreya Ghoshal though, his voice seems a bit odd here.

So barring that last song, Jolly LLB is a soundtrack that largely belies the imaginativeness that Krsna displayed in his debut. Then again, the movie may not necessitate more ingenuity than this. Shall wait until the movie is out, to decide on that.

Music Aloud Rating: 6/10

Top Recos: Ajnabi, Jhoot Boliya, L Lag Gaye

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