Kumki – Music Review (Tamil Movie Soundtrack)

You can listen to the soundtrack here.

Yella Oorum sees a smart mix of folk and western instruments in its arrangement (is that a guitar or a mandolin or something else? Sounds lighter than a guitar) which prop the song above a commonplace tune. Benny Dayal and composer D Imman help with their singing. The composer returns to do a solo rendition of Onnum Puriyala, and pulls it off beautifully despite minor flaws. The orchestration is even more brilliant here, taking on a Raja-esque quality in places (particularly felt that with the usage of chorus in the second interlude). Even Ayyayyayyo has a Raja feel about it, more so in Karthik’s violin prelude to the reprise version called The Lady and the Violin. Both versions are fabulously haunting pieces particularly for the composer’s breezy arrangement. Haricharan and Aditi Paul respectively take care of the rest with their flawless vocal efforts. Sollittaaley relies heavily on the singing efforts by Ranjith and Shreya Ghoshal to engage despite a staid and heard-before arrangement. Pretty much the same goes for Soi Soi, except that even Magizhini Manimaaran’s spirited and sincere rendition isn’t enough to mitigate the standard folk template. And closing the soundtrack is another timid song, Nee Yeppo Pulla. The arrangement interests in places, and so does Alphonse Joseph’s singing, but overall it fails to make much impact.

Couple of damp squibs, but otherwise impressive soundtrack from D Imman. Kumki.

Music Aloud rating: 7/10

Top Recos: The Lady and the Violin, Onnum Puriyala, Sollittaaley

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