Bittoo Boss – Music Review

You can listen to the soundtrack here (link courtesy @iPeeKay).

Bittoo Sab Ki Lega has a very catchy groove (the riff quite possibly a nod to the legendary Roadhouse Blues by the Doors) and would have made for a good listen with the confident rendition by Mika, Natalie De Lucio and Neeti Mohan (her movie debut?). *IF* not for the extremely cringe-worthily double entendre-ridden lyrics! The other title song though, Kabootar, again sung by Mika is a considerable improvement riding on an interesting percussion-led arrangement. Audi (Tenu Tak De) is standard techno+hip hop+Punjabi fare, made annoying by the nasality that composer Raghav Sachar brings into his singing – he is a good singer otherwise, no idea why he had to try this voice. Kaun Kenda is good for listening to Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal and Shahid Mallya go about their job. Arrangement and tune-wise it has nothing to offer, the composer resorting to the tried-and-tested romantic melody template in both the versions. Kick Lag Gayi is an engaging foot-tap-inducer backed by the bouncy arrangement. And in this thankfully Raghav uses his natural voice and pulls it off quite nicely. Where is is found wanting is Tulsi Kumar’s singing. The remix doesn’t sound very different, except that Master Saleem replaces Raghav on the vocals. Last track comes from guest composer Gajendra Verma (thanks to @dunkdaft for pointing this out), the melancholic Mann Jaage, a template that I am so tempted to call the Bhatt template, except this doesn’t have the rock elements. Shahid Mallya is fabulous on the vocals. This guy seriously should be getting more opportunities, he has impressed with every song he has sung yet.

Passable score from Raghav Sachar, devoid of much innovation. Whether the movie ends up deserving any better is another matter of course.

Music Aloud Rating: 5.5/10

Top Recos: Kabootar, Mann Jaage