#Musichat Episode 2: Ad Jingles

So like I mentioned in our birthday post, last Saturday a bunch of us music lovers on twitter (@musicdipblog, @p1j, @rohwit and @dunkdaft apart from me), prompted by another music love @abhiandNOW, kicked off this hashtag called #musichat wherein we decided to start off a once-a-week open discussion on one particular genre. Week 1 had sufi as the genre, and was met with overwhelming response, the hashtag coming as high as no. 2 at one point on twitter India trending topics. For the same reason the second season was being waited for with much excitement, by me at least. We chose a topic that was guaranteed to strike a chord with a lot of people, ad jingles. And thankfully, a lot of tweeple turned up, sharing some excellent ad pieces of all ages, turning the discussion into a nostalgic trip for many in the process. But since there have been people who missed the discussion on twitter and have been finding it difficult to track the links down due to the long discussion, we have decided to present a compilation on the site as well. So below is a playlist of the prominent links shared yesterday. To see the trivia though you will have to check twitter. Take a look, and let us know what you think of it. 🙂