The Dirty Picture – Music Review

You can listen to the soundtrack here.

Retro flavor is not something Vishal Shekhar are new to. They have done it quite well numerous times in the past, tributes to RDB or otherwise. Hence it comes as no surprise that Ooh La La (the one that has already made its mark via channels) sounds like it does, helped on its way by Bappi da and Shreya Ghoshal’s energy. Shreya hasn’t sounded this naughty as far back as I can recollect! The arrangement is spic, the duo’s RDB fanboi-ness does surface in places here too. Dhol mix for a retro song is a bad idea, it is proven well here. Honeymoon Ki Raat continues on the same retro-risque vein, following a groovy disco template this time with a woodwind refrain that reminds slightly of a particular hook from Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhein. Sunidhi is brought to sing this and she doesn’t disappoint.  It is just the lyrics that fail to fall in line.

Arrangement-wise Twinkle Twinkle comes across as the composers’ combined tribute to Hothon Mein Aisi Baat and Mehbooba, but the corny lyrics make it something else entirely. The composers’ work and the singing by Shreya and Rana Mazumder (who mimics RDB quite well) make it an engaging listen though. It is only in Ishq Sufiyana that the soundtrack takes a diversion from the “dirty” route, surprisingly also from the retro route.  But that is not to take anything away from the composition – the breezy melody is beautifully orchestrated by Vishal and Shekhar and works in both the male and female editions – I liked Kamaal Khan’s better for the simple fact that I have never heard him sing a classical-based number before, and this one came as a pleasant surprise (ok I stand corrected, this is apparently a new Kamaal Khan who won SaReGaMaPa. Well sung! And thanks, Sameer Joshi, for the correction). Sunidhi does an equally commendable job.

A soundtrack from Vishal-Shekhar that for most part stays true to the title The Dirty Picture. Better lyrics would have added to the allure though.

Music Aloud Rating: 7/10

Top Recos: Ooh La La, Ishq Sufiyana

Chandni says:

I love the song Oh la la, Shreya & Bappi Da are amazing. Ishq Sufiyana is also nice but I wish they had taken Rahat for this song & it would have rocked. Twinkle Twinkle has a decent potential too.