Mausam – Music Review (Bollywood Movie Soundtrack)

The point of having two versions of Rabba Main Toh Mar Gaya Oye is totally beyond me. The arrangement is the same, both singers (Shahid Mallya, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan) pretty much follow the same style so no new dimension is added in version 2 (I am talking of the musical perspective only, not lyrics). Pritam could as well have settled for the Mallya version which in case is the one being aired. That said, lovely Punjabi-based track, a melody that for a change is not instantly connectable to any previous Pritam work. Suddenly this Shahid Mallya is all over the place, and I am quite warming up to his singing. Sajh Dhaj Ke is fairly engaging despite its commonplace framework, thanks to Mika Singh’s singing (wonder what part Pankaj Kapoor has contributed, he is also credited). But that is still no reason for the song to have three versions! I did in fact like the Desi Mix better than the original as is it is less noisy, but Club Mix is plain unnecessary. The song that follows, Ik Tu Hi Tu Hi, also comes in three editions, but there is nothing remix-y about any of the tracks thankfully. Hans Raj Hans, Shahid Mallya and the Wadali Brothers respectively deliver the three versions of the soothing sufi-based piece. And HRH’s rendition worked best for me.

Rashid Khan’s rendition of the classical-based Poore Se Zara Sa Kam Hai (the raga seems to be jog or tilang) is enviably flawless, conveying the pain beautifully while executing the classical nuances with finesse. Aag Lage Us Aag Ko is infectious energy, the heavy-on-percussion folksy arrangement, Karsan Sagathia’s soaring vocals, awesome combination. The closing song Mallo Malli is the only one that can be classified as the regular Pritam fare. Strongly techno-based, in places to an annoying extent (especially the processing of the vocals) this Punjabi-flavored track also comes in three forms! While the original is sung by Tochi Raina and Hard Kaur, the composer goes on to repeat the same template with Lehmber Hussainpuri replacing Tochi, and then a remix of the Tochi version. Utterly pointless exercise.

So barring Mallo Malli, a fresh and impressive soundtrack from Pritam. But yes, something needs to be done about his multiple-version-mania. 11 versions for 4 songs is too much!

Music Aloud Rating — 7.75/10

Top Recos — Poore Se Zara Kam Hai, Ik Tu Hi (HRH), Rabba Main To (Mallya)

Suresh Menon says:

This is raag Jog based.

kumar says:

nah 8.5/10 for me 🙂